How to Identify a Good ESG Risk Management Consulting Firm

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ESG risk management consulting

For about 30 years since the term “sustainability” was coined at the first UN Conference on Environment and Development (UNCED) in Rio, Brazil, it has been a race trying to make the planet a better place for all But even with the widespread knowledge of the dangers facing the planet and its inhabitants, the truth is that the sustainability risks are still alive. All about ESG Risk Management Consulting in this guide.

Global warming is intensifying, more species are threatened with extinction, and the conflicts are showing no signs of ebbing out. 

Is there a way out of these sustainability challenges? The answer is “yes,” but only with the assistance of the experts through suatainability ot environmental, social, and governance (ESG) risk management consulting services.

This post takes a closer look at how to integrate ESG risk management solutions into business operations. It also highlights expert tips that you can use to identify the best sustainability services firm to help your company or business improve its performance.

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What are ESG Risks?

ESG risk management consulting

These are issues that face businesses and threaten to cripple their operations, including hefty fines for non-compliance and loss of operating licenses. It is important to accurately identify these risks and craft strategies for mitigation, which comes as part of the emerging legal requirements for business today.

In a capital market like HKEX, listed firms have to predict future risks or issues on the way and install comprehensive plans to address them.

If a company fails to make a good assessment and draw a plan for compliance, it risks getting delisted from HKEX. 

Environmental, social, and governance (ESG) risks vary depending on your industry, the nature of operations, and its supply chain. ESG risks of an insurance company will, therefore, be completely different from those of a real estate enterprise. So, here is a list of some of the common ESG risks that you should know: 

  • Employee relations. 
  • Deforestation. 
  • Pollution. 
  • Succession planning. 
  • Executive compensation diversity. 
  • Data hygiene. 
  • Global warming and climate change.
  • Corruption in business.
  •  Customer relations issues. 
  • Board management practices. 
  • Greenhouse gasses (GHG) emissions. 
  • Water use related risks. 

How to Integrate ESG Risk Management into Your Company Operations 

The list of ESG  risks that we presented above can be way longer, but the biggest question is, “how do you address them?” It is a major challenge for many companies.

The answer is integrating ESG risk management into your operations with the assistance of a consulting expert. Here is a demonstration of the main steps to follow to integrate ESG risk management into your business.

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  • Craft an ESG Strategy Depending on the Organization Exposure to the Risk 

The entire process has to start with crafting an ESG strategy, which has to factor in the specific risks. Therefore, you need to carry out a thorough risk analysis for the company and craft a plan/ strategy to improve the ESG score.

Governments and regulatory bodies may require ESG reporting to ensure companies comply with sustainability standards.

To get this right, consider using ESG risk management consulting services when calculating ESG Score + giving ESG consulting services. The experts have a lot of experience after helping other businesses in addressing their issues, ESG reporting, and insights for eco-operations. 

  • Connect the ESG Strategy to Business Strategy 

To implement an ESG plan, you need to link it to the business strategy. This helps to make ESG an important agenda for discussion at the highest level of decision-making. It also helps to ensure enough ample resources are dedicated to help achieve the preset ESG goals.

Connecting the strategies also helps to ensure every department is following the right path to ensure that production, marketing, and profit strategies and sustainability plans do not go against each other. 

  • Add ESG Risk to the Company’s Risk Appetite Statement 

When you seek the assistance of ESG risk management consulting experts, one of the big questions that will be put through is, “what is the risk appetite?” This means the extent to which the company is willing to risk to achieve its goals.

Then, the consulting firm will provide guidance on how to adjust this appetite based on the available resources, legislative framework and existing risk posture. 

  • Develop the Right Structures for Mitigation and Management 

At this point, you need to craft a framework for ESG risk management because the whole process involves handling and analyzing data.

You will require having the right tools and other components to be able to manage all the risks involved. Some of these components include policies, reporting structures, procedures, and risk ownership. You will also need the right key performance indicators and governance structures.


  • Include the Whole ESG Risk Management Process in Your ESG Reporting Process 

Because the business strategy and risk management are now looked at together, it is prudent to go a step further and make the whole process one of the items on ESG reports. ESG management consulting professionals demonstrate that reporting these efforts can help to improve ESG score by a great margin. 

Make sure to also include the need for regular review of the impacts. This means that if you are faced with a specific risk because of the supply chain being used for raw material supply, the impact should open doors for analysis and identification of alternatives.

When done correctly, ESG risk management might be all that you need for success.

Remember that it should also include ESG reporting to tell stakeholders about the progress in the company ESG strategy and performance. 

Expert Tips for Identifying the Best ESG Risk Management Consulting Firms

romain181818 for a greener planet 3c9db9af 35c9 4309 9e9e de9a4605b370Now that you know the process to follow for ESG risk management, does the process look complex? Many are the managers of companies who say that it is challenging to implement. The main reason for this is that the whole idea of ESG is relatively new, involves a lot of data,  and sticking to its core principles can be challenging.

his is why you should go for ESG risk management consulting services

To be sure of selecting the best sustainability risk management consulting firm, here are the main strategies to use: 

  • Only select the ESG risk management consulting firm with experience in offering the services you need. 
  • The firm you choose should have a good reputation with clients who sought similar services in the past. Can it carry out ESG assessment and guidance correctly? What about offering insights or solutions to the identified issues? Can you rely on the consulting firm for help with compliance to local laws and international policies?
  • The firm should be allowed to offer consulting services in your country or region. 
  • Select a firm with experts who are committed to helping your business achieve its goals. 
  • The firm you select should be able to offer more ESG services, such as ESG reporting to help improve your sustainability performance and ESG score

Whether your company is in finance or manufacturing, among other industries, it is important to work with the best ESG risk management consulting firm to learn how to address the threats facing it.

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Remember that the threats are changing steadily and your strategy should promptly respond to the shifts to guarantee better results. Contact us, one of the best ESG risk management consulting firms, for calculating ESG Score + giving ESG consulting services that your company needs.